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 l 'E.M.D.R. de Bouba le Chien
l 'E.M.D.R. de Bouba le Chien
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Calm and Confident based on EMDR
Mark Grant


**For orders of 10 or more Mark Grant CDs (Calm & Confident or Pain Control) we offer a 33% discount. You may place orders for multiples of 10 recordings online (see below) or contact jim@emdrresources.com to place orders of other increments.**

Calm and Confident is designed to stimulate relaxation and confidence, naturally. The tape achieves this by evoking pleasant thoughts and memories, and then adding in bilateral stimulation. The aim is to allow whatever positive thoughts and feelings are occurring to move from your conscious mind to your unconscious mind, from the left hemisphere of
your brain to the right hemisphere.

These unique self-help tapes incorporate the latest findings regarding the treatment of anxiety and pain. In addition to positive suggestions and relaxation, the tapes teach the listener how to be more in touch with their feelings, how to access their own inner emotional resources and how to allow transformation of negative emotional states.

The recordings are based on EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) and incorporate bilateral stimulation and dual focus of attention. Bilateral stimulation and dual focus of attention have been shown to facilitate rapid reduction of negative affective states. On the tapes, the unique combination of soothing words and music and bilateral stimulation is designed to produce relaxation almost in spite of any resistance. Users also not only feel relaxed after listening to the tape, but with repetitive listenings they learn how to release emotional blockages to relaxation and to experience less anxiety and greater emotional integration.

The recordings can be used as a 'stand-alone' product or as an invaluable aid to treatment. When used in conjunction with treatment, the tapes serve to both facilitate and reinforce the therapeutic process, sometimes in quite dramatic and unforeseen ways. Many therapists also use them on themselves

These tapes have helped thousands of people, with all kinds of conditions, all over the world.


Therapist, USA.

"I was a bit skeptical,...but it proved to be a deeply personal experience...I know I will be alright now."
Grief sufferer, Australia

"I just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoy your tape 'Calm and Confident' its wonderful. When my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was a teenager, I started hair pulling to relieve nervous tension. ..Your tape helped me get in touch with my emotions and to understand myself better. "
Anxiety sufferer, USA.

"My client was particularly fearful about having to go to court and be cross-examined. After playing the tape several times, he felt ready and eager to face cross examination. He was truly surprised at the recordings' effect and told me - THE TAPE DOES WORK. "
Police psychologist, Northern Ireland

About the Author

Mark Grant is a psychologist in private practice. Through his associates he operates in Sydney and Melbourne Australia. Mark has over 10 years clinical experience with a variety of psychological problems. He has a particular interest in chronic pain, partly because of the way it straddles the mind-body divide, and the unique problems that creates.

Mark has developed a protocol for the treatment of chronic pain, based on EMDR, which is the first in the world to recognize that clinicians must understand how people react to pain before trying to help fight it. Mark's approach has been recognized professionally through publication of research papers in two leading peer-reviewed journals.

Mark has also made presentations about pain in Australia and North and South America. He is the author of two self-help tapes for chronic pain and anxiety, based on accelerated learning principles, Calm and Confident based on EMDR and Pain Control based on EMDR, and a manual, Pain Control Based on EMDR.

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